About Kelli

KelliIdeal Property Investments is a Real Estate Investment and Property Management Brokerage privately owned, and operated, by Kelli Johanson. An Iowa native, Kelli comes from a long line of entrepreneurs who made their names farming the fields of North Central Iowa. Her work ethic is farm-girl strong, as she learned from the best, while witnessing her parents, and grandparents, labor the land. The desire to build, create, and grow something is as much a part of her DNA as is her eye color.

Growing-up an only child, Kelli found innovative ways to play. In retrospect, it was during those years she began developing her interest in real estate; whether it was playing house in the barn, turning the picnic table into a fort, or constantly rearranging the furniture in her room; it was clear, from an early age, real estate was going to pave its way into her future.

Just out of high school, Kelli moved to the Twin Cities where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of St. Thomas. While carrying a full class schedule, she also worked full-time as a Corporate Accountant, where she applied the methods she learned to the madness she ensued. Kelli loves a good spreadsheet, especially when it balances…it makes her feel Ideal!

Kelli’s love for numbers, coupled with her evolving passion for real estate, inevitably merged when, approximately 20 years ago, she invested in her very first rental property. It’s been an Ideal investment for her and she’s since added a few more to her nest. Fast-forward a few years, having gained the experience from having successfully bought, managed, and sold several investment properties, Kelli found it only natural to attain her real estate license and ‘Open For Business’! Since then she’s assisted hundreds of clients who have benefited from The Ideal Approach.

Kelli’s interests and passions have coupled nicely to create a company that provides her clients a service that mirrors her very own personal experience; Rental Property Investment Management. Between her keen knowledge and vast experience, you’ll be tested to find another company suitable to meet your rental needs.


2019-Current: Founder & Owner – Ideal Property Investments
2003-2018: Real Estate Broker – The Fleetham Group
1997-2003: Corporate Accountant – Lifetouch, Inc. & Subsidiaries
1994-1997: Customer Service Agent – United Express Airlines, dba. Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd.

(MBA) MiniMBA – Minnesota Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders Program
(BA) Bachelors Degree in Accounting – University of St. Thomas
(AA) Associates Degree in Accounting – Normandale Community College

2014: Real Estate Broker | Real Estate Company
2003: Real Estate Agent

Extracurricular Activities:
Dogs, Yoga, Reading, Interior Decorating, Scrapbooking, Family Time, Movies…