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What IDEAL Means to Us

Our definition of IDEAL is perfection in everything we do including quality of service, being responsive, and making customer care our top priority.

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4 Reasons Women are Under-Represented as Real Estate Investors

1. Confidence

Women tend to be less confident in their investing knowledge and skills. This doesn’t mean women actually are less knowledgeable or less skilled. However, I can confidently say after coaching many women and co-founding a local women’s real estate investing meetup, the perceived lack of confidence is a very common theme. 

The quandary is that information (perhaps too much information) is everywhere. And women can freeze up when it’s time to take action. They doubt themselves and question what steps to take next.  It can be scary to go out on that skinny branch alone without the reassurance that you are making the right decisions.  

2. Time

Women tend to…

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Top Features to Look For in an Investment Property

 Buying an investment home is the best way to jump in on a business and have it grow without having to wait on construction or creating everything from scratch. With an investment home, it's often already been used as the type of facility you want, so the base is already there for you to create something incredible.


These are the top features to seek out in any investment home and why they matter.

1. Durable and Updated Roofing

Your roof, in any investment home, is vital because it protects whatever you keep inside and can cost tens to hundreds of thousands to replace if something catastrophic happens, or you happen to buy a home with an older roof. Look for good slate roofing,…

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4 Simple Steps for Less Money Stress in Real Estate Investing

 Source: Rachel Wong at

There is a rosy glow about real estate investing—a land of opportunity, eye-popping numbers, and the lure of a tangible asset that can be painted a calming shade of blue. And a lot of these upsides are brilliantly true! But there is one soft underbelly that gets lost in the optimism—and that’s the added stress of being a landlord.

Leaky pipes that need fixing, the mortgage that needs to be paid between renters. It’s a lot of numbers and cash flow logistics to be jumbling around in your head—and it can be stressful!

Well, that’s kind of our thing: keeping finances neatly organized. Stay for the geekery. We know a thing or two about how to…

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It's Tax Time!

2020 - It's Here!  New Year - New Decade...

Unfortunately, it brings along an old tradition - TAXES - don't puke, it's OK - we've got you...

Let this serve as your reminder that there are tax advantages for both Real Estate Investors & Renters; read-on...

Representing buyers, sellers, as well as managing residential rental properties comes with it's fair share of experience; therefore, we're accredited in "experience" and speak from "experience"; both, personally and professionally, without carrying the "CPA" behind our name...yet? - perhaps; but, not now...Regardless, we wish to share what we know; SOOOOO - Did you know that being a landlord has tax benefits? Here are just a few of the many tax deductions allowed:

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