Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following top 15 FAQs and their our respective answers. If there is a question we did not cover, please don’t hesitate to contact us, directly, to seek your answer! Thanks!

1. To make my home rentable, what needs to be done?
In a nutshell, as long as the home is CLEAN, freshly painted and in working order, you have an A-1 rental, ready to fit any tenants needs!

2. Do you determine for how much my property will rent?
Yes, indeed! It’s one of our many specialties!

3. How will you find tenants and how long will it take?
Internet-based advertising is the best way to attract potential tenants! Our industry affiliation also helps guarantee quality tenants; therefore, resulting in an average 30-60 day occupancy.

4. Can I say who I want as tenants for my house?
Absolutely! In the end, you’re ultimately responsible for “approving” or “denying” any rental candidates. Once an application is received, we process their background and credit to compile a report for your review!

5. When do I receive my money each month?
We always aim to deposit funds into your account by the fifth (5th) of each month; however, if the fifth (5th) lies on a weekend and/or holiday, we will deposit on the next business day.

6. Who does the repairs on my property? Can I use my contractor?
As of 2019, Ideal Property Investments utilizes its sister-company, Bright Choice Maintenance, to subcontract maintenance providers specific to each job. Please know, however, you are not required to use Bright Choice Maintenance and do retain the authority to hire your own contractor – just please be sure they’re insured, licensed, and carry workers compensation coverage! It’s for your own protection!

7. What happens if a tenant does damage?
We collect a security deposit, of which may be utilized to cover damages in excess of what is legally considered normal wear-n-tear.

8. What happens if the tenant leaves before the end of the lease?
We guarantee any tenant we place in your property through the duration of the lease agreement. It’s only fair – you paid for a service and we’ll warranty that service!

9. Will I be charged another Finder’s Fee at the end of the lease term?
Yes, but only if we need to find and place a new tenant in your property. If the tenant remains in the property and would like to renew their lease agreement, you would only be charged a lease renewal fee, equal to $295.00.

10. Why do you charge $600 up-front?
The $600 is for our time, travel and efforts, we put into renting your home; but most importantly, it’s a promise to conduct business together. If we’re going to put forth the effort into renting your property, we want to ensure the effort is mutual. Please know, this is not ‘in addition’ to the finder’s fee, rather you’re simply paying a portion of that finder’s fee up-front.

11. Do you initiate an eviction, if necessary?
Yes, it’s included in our monthly management service. It’s a rare occurrence, as we make sure to perform our due diligence on the front-end, prior to placing such a tenant in your property. Our tenant screening process is extremely thorough, not allowing much to slip through the cracks, if you know what we mean!

12. Do you perform property inspections?
Without question. It’s just part of the job!

13. Do you charge any other fees, besides finder’s and management?
Yes, a lease renewal fee, as indicated in 9., above. Other than that – Nope!

14. What else can you tell me about your company?
Ideal Property Investments has been in the property management industry for nearly 20 years. Kelli Johanson, owner and operator, is dedicated to offering a quality service, specific to each Owner’s needs. Although she does retain help, she will be your main contact and promises to stay Tried & True to her word…quality!

15. What makes you different from your competition?
Simply put, it’s the quality of service we provide. By hand-selecting the number of homes we manage, we keep our obligations manageable; therefore, ensuring our clients continually receive the service they deserve, 24/7. It’s quality vs. quantity 24/7/365. We’re proud to be ‘Owner Operated’!