Fellow Investors

Welcome and thank you for visiting us! We, at Ideal Property Investments, are a Minnesota based boutique-style Real Estate Brokerage specialized in Rental Property Sales, Leasing, and Management. We have coined our process as the “Ideal Approach” simply because our Approach to Real Estate Investing is just that…IDEAL…an acronym representing the five money-maker’s of rental property:

Ideal Approach

Yes, we said rental property! Please don’t let that deter you from what this type of investment can add to your portfolio. It’s why we exist; to help you build, and maintain, a nest for your investments! So, whether you’re an:

Jack & Jill…first-time home buyer’s whose cash is tight so you need a little breathing room. Let’s find you duplex or triplex to augment your income by renting out the other unit(s). We can help you find it, finance it, fill it, and manage it!

The Empty Nester…kids are gone and you’re done paying for college; Time to find some secure investments that offer slow-n-steady growth along with some monthly income. Let’s go shopping! Single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, even a small apartment building…they could all reach your criteria.

The Diversifier…you’ve got your traditional investment vehicles topped-off and your stocks are stocked. Time to diversify into rental real estate that will grant you a great return on your investment, while using the rent for fun money!

The Estate Home.…don’t be too quick to sell off mom and dad’s greatest asset if they can no longer be an occupant. It can make a great rental property to provide instant income, depreciation, and leverage to offset medical expenses!

…we’ve got your back! By offering hassle-free rental property investment and management services, Ideal Property Investments exists to help you strengthen your financial future. We’ve proven when an investor is strategically aligned with their Ideal Real Estate Investment, our Approach warrants Ideal results: Income Depreciation Equity Appreciation Leverage. It’s worked for hundreds of our clients and you’re no different; so, let’s migrate your money to real estate so you can start shakin’ your monkey-maker’s!