We, at Ideal Property Investments, understand your desire to rent a property that is well maintained, primely located, competitively priced, etc. We’ve been there, done that, and empathize with your needs, which is why we promise to work diligently with your landlords (our clients) to provide you with an excellent rental experience! 

1. ACCEPTANCE: Congrats, again! By signing our Lease Agreement, you will have officially taken the first step towards renting our property!


2. INSPECTION: Once you have signed your lease, we will proceed with scheduling your move-in date, and time, via e-mail.


3. OCCUPANCY: It’s time for you to move into the property! Please allow one hour to meet, at the property, where we will conduct a Pre-Occupancy Inspection, prior to providing you with the keys. Please be reminded of the following requirements prior to allowing access:


  • Utilities: You must have all required utilities transferred into your name as of the date of your move-in, and provide us the respective account numbers, via e-mail.
  • Insurance: You must provide us a copy of your renter’s insurance policy, listing Ideal Property Investments, as an additional interest. We do offer insurance options – contact us if you’re interested in learning how we can help.
  • Rent/Deposit: You must remit your rent and deposit prior to your scheduled move-in date.


4. MANAGEMENT: Once you’re all nestled into your new home, we begin our management process, of which is outlined, as follows:


  • Rent Collections: Pay Rent on 1st/Month. Rent is considered late if not received by the 3rd/Month. We do not accept cash and request you pay online, via your tenant portal.
  • Utilities: Please ensure timely payment, so as to prevent loss of power and/or frozen pipes.
  • Maintenance: Upon encountering a maintenance issue, you must immediately logon to your tenant portal, where you can request such service. Please be reminded to contact 911 for emergencies, such as Carbon Monoxide, Gas, Fire, and/or other major hazardous events.

5. YEAR-END: MN CRP (Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid) Statements will be uploaded to your tenant portal by January 31st of each respective year.


6. LEASE RENEWAL/TERMINATION: Please let us know if you’d like to renew, or terminate, your Lease Agreement, 60 days prior to your contracted termination date – for example…if your Lease is set to expire on 10/31, then you will need to provide notification to renew OR terminate, by 8/31. Please be reminded, however, that regardless of giving your notice mid-month (i.e. 8/15), your notice will be effective as of 8/31, to allow an ample 60-day notice.


…and it’s just that easy! Give us a jingle – we’re perched and ready to take your call!

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