Fellow Owners

On behalf of Ideal Property Investments, I would like to dedicate this page of our site to you, my client…without you I would not be able to do what I do; therefore, please accept this as my personal, handtyped, thank you letter expressing my heartfelt gratitude for staying dedicated to my company.

While previously named The Fleetham Group, I opted to rebrand for numerous personal reasons. Amidst the chaos and endurance of transitioning to Ideal Property Investments, I realized just how much I consider you, my owner, a part of my family – your continued support, encouragement, and commitment have literally brought me to tears. Although I fight my keyboard to find the right words to type, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly articulate my sincerest appreciation; so, in addition, please know I’m sending you each a “virtual hug”.

In honor of your dedication, I have elected to dedicate myself to pay it forward in a way that appeals to my passion; a passion that has changed my life, personally; a passion so close to my heart it weeps when it witnesses the struggle, as the struggle is real. A passion for…Animals! More specifically, dogs…dogs of a bully breed descent…they’re so misunderstood and so mistreated that I’ve developed a burning desire to fight for their rights. With that said, I’ve begun the process of negotiating a partnership with the Animal
Humane Society to bring about awareness, education, and funding for animals! It’s my first step toward joining forces to begin learning how I, personally, can bring about awareness to my specific bully-breed passion. Ultimately, my goal is to eliminate the stigma they carry so as ensure they’re treated equal to that of a Shih-tzu, or other pets not labeled as a “bully”.

I understand not all of you are dog-owners, nor necessarily animal-lovers, such as I am (don’t worry – I will not turn your property into puppy palaces; nor accept pets without your consent)…regardless, my point is to have it be stated that it’s because of your devotion to Ideal Property Investments that I am able to fuel this passion and ignite it for use to make a difference – thank you for the nudge…I look forward to providing you with updates as my partnership progresses!

Thank you for being part of the Ideal Family – I look forward to continued success…pets and all!

Kelli Johanson