Our Technological Advantage

Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible by managing your rental property in the most efficient, effective, and financially feasible way. Our partnership with AppFolio Property Manager has allowed us to do just this, as we are now powered by the most modern software system of our time, allowing us the opportunity to offer you the following capabilities:

  • ADVERTISING. AppFolio allows us to quickly advertise vacancies online, post to our website and hundreds of other listing sites, enabling Applicants the ability to apply directly from their smartphones.
  • RENTAL RATES. AppFolio’s built-in rental comparison tool suggests competitive rental rate marketing, as compared to similar properties within your same geographic location. Such insight allows us to maximize your revenue and fill vacancies faster.
  • SCREENING. AppFolio contains a built-in resident screening database, of which includes standard background and credit checks, along with past rent payment history, allowing us the ability to screen tenants quickly, thoroughly, and legitimately, so that we can present you with the highest quality residents, from which to choose.
  • PAYMENT. AppFolio offers your residents with three convenient ways to pay their rent electronically: 1) Cash, 2) E-Check or 3) Credit Card, ultimately enabling timely rent payments.
  • STATEMENTS. AppFolio hosts an Owners Portal, to where your Owner Statements are securely posted. Such Statements provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details, indicating its financial position, work orders, and/or maintenance requests received and invoices posted.
  • MAINTENANCE. AppFolio allows your Tenant to submit maintenance requests online! This convenient perk ensures for quick communication with vendors so we can resolve repairs efficiently.
  • VIRTUAL. AppFolio supports our virtual initiative by enabling software features that allow us to accurately, and effectively, conduct online move-in’s and moveout’s. By offering such capabilities, we’re more efficient in our efforts to educate tenants on the operations of renting a property