Request Maintenance

Have a maintenance issue – no problem! Simply click on the respective link, at the bottom of this page and submit your request! Please be reminded you will need an active portal account in order to submit your claim; therefore, click on “Get Started” if you still have yet to establish your account. If your portal is already up-n-runnin’, simply “Login”! Upon our receipt, we will immediately schedule one of our licensed contractors to access and cure your ailment(s)! Please be reminded, though, of a few of the following Tenant Rules & Regulations, as you initially agreed to when signing your lease:

1. Plugged Toilet?
Tenant agrees to not use “in-tank” toilet bowl cleaners and/or flush any foreign items.

2. Inoperable A/C or Furnace?
Tenant agrees to replace furnace filter each month.

3. Clogged Drain?
Tenant agrees to not pour grease down any drain.

4. Water Leak?
Tenant agrees to winterize and de-winterize premises each year.

5. Hard Water?
Tenant agrees to fill water softener with softener salt each month.

6. Beeping Smoke/Carbon Detector?
Tenant agrees to maintain operable smoke detectors (i.e. batteries).

7. Inoperable Thermostat?
Tenant agrees to maintain operable thermostats (i.e. batteries).

8. Mice/Ants/Etc.?
Tenant agrees to keep food in lid-tight containers.

9. Burnt-Out Light Bulbs?
Tenant agrees to replace burnt out light bulbs with same type.

10. Confused?
No worries – just submit your request; we’ll help you from there!